De Groene Kans vzw (DGK) is a Belgian project partner that provides learning and working opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as the long-term unemployed and the young, disadvantaged, unemployed.

In the Earsmus+ project “Upload your dreams”, De Groene Kans tested out some new methods, seen during a project meeting at ICEI Milan and during a training at Salva Vita Budapest to teach soft skills and empower their clients in their job. These methods were tried and tested in small pilot groups and the results were very satisfactory. The organization decided to include these modules in their practice in the guidance of different groups towards jobs.

De Groene Kans presented the results to a wider group of professionals and stakeholders on different occasions:

  • During the opening weekend of their new facility (PROVINCIEDOMEIN IJZERBOOMGAARD ),
    in June (21-23) the results were presented as part of the opening speeches. The audience were mainly stakeholders.
  • In the ‘Samenwerkingsplatform’ (local co-operation) of June 27th the project Upload Your Dreams and their outcome was discussed within the group of twenty professionals working with similar groups.
  • In the ‘Algemene Vergadering of August 29th the project and the outcome were presented within a group of 12 stakeholders.

On all of the mentioned meetings the stakeholders and professionals showed a keen interest in the project and its outcome. De Groene Kans will co-operate with a couple of organisations to implement and adjust the methods to their needs.