De Groene Kans is a Belgian ngo. The aim of De Groene Kans is to provide learning and working opportunities for disadvantaged groups. The learners are all long term unemployed, people at risk of social exclusion. The programme we offer, involves:

  • Inclusive pathways: to provide supportive programmes to people for whom other education and training options are not suitable. A hundred unemployed people participate in the programme annually
  • Social enterprise in forestry work, catering and organic horticulture. Approximately 50 people find a job in the social enterprise.

De Groene Kans has 21 members of staff. Staff include both technically trained instructors, social workers and administrators.

The inclusive pathways provide a wide range of services that deliver basic skills, workplace learning, training and working experience in the intermediary labour market and social enterprises.

Work based learning De Groene Kans provides, is on the job training for long-term unemployed people prior to full employment.

De Groene Kans is working with disadvantaged groups : long-term unemployed, people with no formal qualification, migrants, ex-offenders, people with psychiatric problems, alcoholics, drug abuse.

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