How can a visually impaired young man work as a car mechanic? Or waiter? 

Could a person in wheelchair work as a traffic manager?

Everything is possible during the JOB for you, DREAM for me! Day in HUNGARY.

JOB for you, DREAM for me! program is a new project of Salva Vita Foundation with the aim of bringing people with disabilities and employers together for one day to promote equal employment opportunities. We believe if we make opportunity for employer and disabled people to meet personally, fear and false information regarding disabilities can be reduced; the positive contribution people with disabilities can make at work can be highlighted.

In the course of this day, disabled participants explore the world of work by ‘shadowing’ someone (the workplace mentor) in the workplace as they go about their normal working routine. In this way, the program affords people with disability the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work. They get a chance during this day to take a look at an environment that was a dream for them, furthermore, they can learn more about job requirements and employers’ expectations.

The program is organised in many European countries as DuoDay or Job Shadow Day in 2018.

The Hungarian event was organised at first in 2015, and it became more and more popular in the coming years in Hungary. In 2017 and in 2018, more than 200 matches were made. JOB for you, DREAM for me! Days was organized in every Hungarian county and in the capitol. Salva Vita and its civil partners made a lot of dreams come true.

More than 520 disabled people and more than 500 employers have joined the program over the past four years.

The next JOB for you, DREAM for me! Days will be organized in Hungary in 2019.

More information about the program:

More pictures and dreams from 2017 in the slide-show: