House! Society for the people and places is an organically growing formation, consisting of programs: The Living courtyards (a year-round program of Community action, which is created and developed in specific semi-public spaces – Maribor backyards), Living City Initiative (upgrade of the Living Courtyards programme) a program of revitalization of sleepy streets of the city in co-operation with the inhabitants, local economy, public sector, creators, clubs and street theatre. advocacy on a local and national level, implementing participatory methods., Printmaking arts centre an international locus and workshop for detection, creation and presentation of printmaking art., Rajzefiber biro an alternative tourist offer that is tailored to the individual and accelerates the detection of potentials of the town – a platform, programme and a shop for innovative, participatory touristical offer and the local street theatre collective SepateKapate.

House! is active in the field of contemporary art, non-formal education, culture, youth and volunteering, inclusion and development. We have a cohesive organization, which makes a strong thread between the city, its inhabitants, students and visitors. We work to help deliver the ideas of youths, artist and the active public, to provide quality mentoring and non-formal education, participatory arts and community building, the development of local prospective, enablement and empowerment of the town’s commons and socio-cultural potential. House! is part of the international programs Actors of Urban change of Robert Bosch foundation, Tandem Europe of MitOst e.V. and founding member of the National Network for space. It won the prizes at the international design biennial BIO 50, the main prize and the youth social innovation prize Challenge Future Summit. It’s work was presented as best practise on the Global conference Urban Future Graz and Human cities Milan. Through our programs and actions we revive degraded spaces and the inhabitants of those, making a cultural and social impact attempting for sustainable and long-lasting impact on quality urban development.

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