ICEI Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale is an NGO based in Milan and established in 1977. ICEI is committed to social promotion, strengthening democracy, widening individual and collective rights, and implementing equal opportunities at the economic, gender and cultural levels.

The organization’s mission is to conceive, design and implement cooperation programs with local communities, in a perspective of widening democratic spaces and rights, to promote social cohesion and the creation of fair employment, to contribute to the protection of environment and cultures in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.

ICEI’s values are:
quality and specialization, local partnerships, sustainability, interculturality, excellence and innovation.

ICEI works in 3 lines of intervention:

    food security, promoting ecological trends in agriculture, supporting agricultural research, and supporting and testing Syntropic Agriculture (SA).
    In developing countries, ICEI promotes local development through the valorization of natural and cultural resources to fight poverty (community-based approach). In Europe and in Italy, the organization fosters local development projects, based on sustainability and social responsibility, as well as innovative intercultural touristic paths as valuable tools to foster integration and fight discrimination. ICEI is also Member of the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism and the International Social Tourism Organization.
    ICEI We facilitates social, economic and working inclusion for vulnerable groups, focusing on youths and women, both in Italy and at European level. ICEI also promotes the positive role of migration, by valorizing the opportunities brought about by migrants. ICEI works to, among others: encourage young people’s active participation, social and labour inclusion; support youth associations and foreign communities to enable them to be active protagonists in their local context; foster actions in the socio-cultural field (activities, events, communication campaigns).

Some of ICEI’s acknowledgments and affiliations are:

  • Since 2017 – Member of ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy)
  • Since 2013 – Member of AOI (Association of Italian Organizations for International Cooperation and Solidarity)
  • In 2007 – ICEI’s Amazon Project was recognized by the United Nations as one of the best 50 social programs in Brazil
  • In 2005 – Special Mention of the Peace Prize, awarded by the Region Lombardia for its commitment to the post-tsunami reconstruction in Sri Lanka
  • In 1998 – Founding Member of the AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism)
  • Since 1990 – Recognized as international organization by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Law 948 of 28/12/82)

ICEI’s projects and initiatives are funded by donors such as the EU (within Programs such as Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, DG Growth), national and international Foundations, national and local authorities (e.g. City of Milan) and the Italian Development Cooperation Agency.

In the area of support to young people, ICEI carries out activities to, among others: foster entrepreneurship of young people with fewer opportunities (NEETs, etc.) and of young migrants; fight against discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes; promote social inclusion and intercultural learning; stimulate active citizenship, local and global action; contribute to employability and development of competences.

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