Long-term Job shadowing –  Opening minds through creative industries

The process of opening a young mind stuck in the void of not being able to find a job and the motivational engagement to alter once view and enter the creative industries requires a long term commitment from the participant as well as from the mentor.

The project ”Going to work” (Delat grem) was prepared as job shadowing which was constructed as over a longer period of time, in which the participant has to experience a hands on approach to the creative industries.

The method was tailor made for the interested needs and learning capacities of the participant.
Two participants, we engaged in the project, had the same topic, and the mentor was guiding them through the process of creating a usable product for the creative industries that could actually go to the market.

The process was an overlapping structure of lectures, research, brainstorming and actual production, in this case printing.

Task: Designing and producing a creative postcard, which includes some kind of heritage and is interactive.

The structure

1. Discovering the creative industries in graphic design
2. Concept development – exercise on chosen topic
3. What makes a good concept

Consultations and brainstorming with mentor:
1. Designing the concept
2. How to choose the right materials and why

1. How to use the printing machines
2. How to prepare for printing
3. Printing and production


To increase competences and skills such as

  • soft communication skills,
  • alternative approaches to design,
  • understanding the design market,
  • testing your product on the market,
  • development of independent self standing work

Over the course of 3 months, one of the participants showed enough maturity to finish the project and discover the reality of the labour market in graphic design within the field of creative industries.
The postcard developed, shows a small self-guided tour of the town historic centre and invites the costumer to describe the town that they are currently in. It expels the classic postcard greeting and upgrades it to a personalized one.