In order to share project results at national level, partner organizations organized local, multiplier events.

The main aim of the multiplier events is to make visible and give continuity to all project products and tested methods, so partners report about the successes and challenges of the project and testing, and introduce the intellectual output.

The methodologies, Good Practices tested by the partners at local context with own target group are promoted, introduced and explained at the events so that any other organizations, stakeholders, members of the target groups etc. can learn from the results.  In this way, the tested methodologies can be transferred to other local contexts.

May, 2019

Multiplier events in Hungary: Beyond Awareness-raising Training: Innovative Approaches to Awareness – Disabled People in Unusual Roles

Employers’ representatives, HR and CSR professionals were invited to the event. Some guests were members of the Hungarian Employers Forum on Equal Opportunities, others were employer partners of the Foundation.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the new pilot program (Special city walk) and introduce it as a team-building and awareness-raising tool for the representatives of the labor-market.

One of the participants of the program, a university student talked about his experiences during the pilot training.

The event provided an opportunity to share other good practices in the labor market regarding disabilities and to exchange personal experiences in connection with the theme.