On a Thursday afternoon in May the venue of Vetrinjski castle was hosted a round table discussion with several organizations and individuals who recognize the need for supporting marginalized groups.

The round table discussion, focused on the sharing of experiences, risks and good practices when working with a variety of marginalized groups.

Via Skype the Upload your dreams project was presented by Veronika Biro, project manager of Salva Vita Foundation. She also presented the activities of the organization, the programs and practices they use.
The second presenter was the projects partner from Italy; Francesca Menozzi from ICEI presented their work within the Upload your dreams project and the various practices they use when working with marginalized groups and marginalized places they live in.

The local presenter also focused on local Good Practices and the various marginalized groups living in Maribor.

The guests of the event agreed that working with marginalized groups require new approaches and methods, some groups that play a key role in the local community are untouched (e.g. immigrants, housewives). The participants of the event also agreed that a cooperation and interdisciplinary support within the various present organizations should be established and new approaches tested.

Monthly meetings of organizations present should be established as a foundation stone for the development and enriching of already used practices and method.


  • Maja Pegan_partner in UYD project was presenting the practices within House! and moderated the round table
  • Hana Repše_Institute Mars, presented work with children with learning disabilities and the role of their parents
  • Urška Brezni_Pekarna Magdalenske mreže presented their project working with immigrant houswifes and imigrants
  • Miodrag Petrovič_Institute Razvoj_ presented their work with handicapped individuals in cultural production and the risks and benefits of this method
  • (name undisclosed) – volunteer working with the homeless in the Red cross center – presenting on how to work with homeless individuals
  • Moira Kobše_Ozara d.o.o. – a company employing handicapped adults and their methods