Last weeks were creative and full of young people learning new skills in field of printmaking. House! Society for People and Spaces and MKC Maribor (Youth organization Maribor) offered young people without jobs, opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge.

Ten young people worked together for 4 days with talented artists Toni Soprano and Maja Pegan and creating their first graphic art in our Centre of Printmaking arts (CGU – Center grafičnih umetnosti). First step of workshop was getting basic knowledge about graphic design and printmaking. How to prepare stuff for printing, how to use colors and how to prepare everything needed for next step. Next step was making their own designs and printing them on paper, t-shirts and other materials and last step … exhibition. Their printmaking art is now part of exhibition in GT22 opened for people to see it.


With this workshop we showed young people how fun it is creating new creative stuff, learning printmaking and in the end putting up exhibitions. But it is more than just that, with this project we are promoting printmaking and all of it’s techniques and the future bearers of printmaking in culture and maybe some of the participant found his new passion in life. And that is one of the main goals of Centre of Printmaking arts which was founded in 2014 and it is specialized in screen-printing, lino and wood cut as well as alternative printmaking techniques; always looking for new and innovative ways to make fine arts prints. The Centre is well connected to various fine arts academies and art schools in Slovenia, as well as in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Vroclaw, Olomouc, and others.



This was just first of many workshops that we are planning in this year. Our next job is Festival Lent where we will again give opportunity to young people and their creativity!